I am a collector of stories.
Passionate about art, I collect objets trouvés
that are then often re-explored and utilized to create
installations to inspire projects.
I have a strong interest in aesthetics, historic architectural details, shapes,
colours and material textures.
My focus goes to the emotional feeling
that beautiful design can generate
when entering a room, or an open space.
The very same feeling
when holding an old object in your hand
embraced with stories -
as when reading a beautiful poem.
These moments are key vehicles when I design.
They guide me to understand
the complexity
of design and communication.

My design philosophy is build on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected,
- and with a strong aesthetic and analytical eye, generating results that are unique of their kind.
Brand strategy, storytelling, aesthetics, signature and material detail,
are key elements in my design philosophy.

Pernille Andersen. Cand. Design MFA. The Royal danish academy of Fine Arts
Portrait by photo journalist Benita Marcussen