'My design philosophy is build on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected, and with a strong aesthetic and analytical eye, generating results that are unique of their kind. Brand strategy, storytelling, aesthetics, signature and material detail, are key elements in my designs.'

Design agency for exclusive collaborations and visionary curated projects.

Pernille Andersen, danish Set designer, Art director & Interior brand consultant. 
Cand.Design, MFA in furniture and spacial design from The Royal Danish Academy of Design in Copenhagen.

She has lived and worked in Berlin, New York and in Italy, and has contributed to various photographic editorials and exhibition interiors for artists, designers, publishers and galleries around the world.

Anne Dorthe VesterArne GrugelBenita MarcussenCC - Copenhagen Contemporary, Dimore GalleryDominique ChouchaniElkelandElusive RecordsFilippo CoratoFuorisaloneGold-Smidt AssemblyIgnazio ArizmendiJoie Iacono, Kristine Alksne, KW - Institute for contemporary Art, Louis NielsenMargrethe Odgaard, Maria BruunMatthias Picket, MBADVMelanie SchoenMENUMyMy CopenhagenNadia Josephine El Said / Nadia Alma, Oona - Gallery for Contemporary Jewellery, Philip Shäfer, S.C. ArtroomScandale ProductionStudio ChérieVoft.

Portrait by Marie Hald


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